The company DATASYS s.r.o. provides software updates and standard 8×5 software technical support with an “next business day” response time for an active subscription. Warranty repair solutions for delivered hardware are provided with a response time of up to four hours as part of standard support[1].

Availability and response time of standard product technical support

Standard product technical support includes software troubleshooting assistance and is provided Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. via email. Technical support is provided in Czech. Current technical support contacts are listed on the product website The contact e-mail for technical support is

The guaranteed response time, ie the response time to the received service request, is the next working day. The technical support team may request additional information, such as logs from the device, from the service requester to investigate the issue and recommend corrective action. The ESM Technical Support team may require remote access to diagnose or correct some conditions. Failure to provide remote access in this case may adversely affect the resolution of the service request and the customer may choose to order paid on-site technical support. Please note that granting remote access may also, depending on the nature of the data processed by the product, provide solvers with access to the customer’s confidential or personal information.

Updates and product update policies

Software updates can be downloaded from the ESM portal ( or directly from the product via the automated update installation feature or the on-demand update feature, which is available in the ESM web interface. Proper updates [2] they are released every three months and usually include new or improved features. Fix packs, called hotfixes, are released only to the current and previous versions of the product as needed, and do not include new features, but may contain security fixes. Technical support, software updates, and hotfixes are available only to customers with a valid license, and standard technical support is provided only for the current and previous versions of the product. For older versions of the product, the customer with an active license is guaranteed technical support only for the process of updating the product to the current version.

Basic terms of the hardware warranty

The list below provides a summary of the practical aspects of the warranty.

  • The warranty period is either the period stated in the delivery / warranty card and begins on the day of purchase of the product or is defined by the validity of the purchased support.
  • The warranty covers repair or replacement to ensure proper operation of the product. The product submitted for warranty repair / replacement must be complete and should be shipped in its original packaging. The customer pays all warranty service costs incurred by the customer. The warranty covers product / material defects and product malfunction.
  • The warranty does not cover various consumer goods (batteries, CDs, etc.), Defects caused by improper use, storage or handling of the product, defects caused by improper handling / use of the product, defects caused by improper use of the environment, defects caused by natural disasters or vandalism, defects caused by improper installation or configuration, defects caused by unauthorized service, defects caused by the operation of an unauthorized person / organization.
  • The warranty does not cover the use of non-genuine or unauthorized software. The warranty is void if the manufacturer’s seal is damaged, if the customer or another unauthorized organization modifies or repairs the product.
  • The warranty period will not be extended if the company repairs or replaces the guaranteed product or any components.
  • The manufacturer is not liable for any loss of income, profits, contracts or other business-related losses, indirect or consequential losses or damages.
  • This warranty does not affect the customer’s statutory (statutory) rights under applicable national legislation regarding the sale of consumer goods.


[1] This service is not available in all locations. Service options, including service levels, technical support hours, and on-site response times, will vary by geography and will further depend on the time the request is received, the availability of parts, geographic restrictions, weather conditions, and the terms of this warranty. Mission Critical 4-hour repair of HW components does not include SW configuration. Critical hardware components are stored within 4 hours of delivery. Additional HW may be available the following day. A 4-hour response time means that a trained technician will usually arrive on site within 4 hours of completing telephone troubleshooting.

[2] The so-called updates, or also “minor” versions, eg version 4.3 or 4.4.


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