ELISA 4.7 is here with new interesting features that this update brings.

ELISA 4.7 still remains a robust, powerful, yet cost-effective solution for collecting and evaluating cyber security incidents.

You can find the update in the section updates

  • Redesigned receiving of syslog events by protocol
  • New GUI for system administration (network settings, service restart, etc.)
  • Redesigned geolocation of ip addresses
  • Redesigned index archiving process
  • Added ticketing and acknowledge system
  • New automatic translation of IP addresses to DNS name at the client level
  • Visual rule editor
    • redesigned templates (Proxy, Server, Final)
    • optimized display of rules for better use of workspace
    • new features
      – TRANSFORM – cast / lowercase / uppercase
      – IF – ELSE IF – ELSE
      – FAST TRACK to speed up processing for the logmanagement system
  • Extension of standardized attributes (AEFN.N.Source.IP, AEFN.N.Target.IP, etc.)
  • IP type mapping for subnet searches
    • attributes AEFN.N.Source.IP, AEFN.N.Target.IP, IP. *